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    TiNY’s Trip to Hospital

    Going to hospital is a scary experience for every child, but there are plenty of ways to alleviate those fears. Writing for TiNY began in the hospital setting where I used my drawings to distract children from procedures, to explain their operation/condition to them and to allow the child to express their own concerns. Children’s »more

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    A look at our Hospital book!

    Writing for TiNY started on the hospital wards when Gail used her drawings to distract children from procedures. In this story, which is available to order through www.writingfortiny.com your child is brought through the journey from the decision to operate to going home. It is available for both a day surgery and an overnight stay.

  • Nurses, doctors and all of the other people you will meet in the hospital!

    A hospital visit

    Going to hospital is a scary experience. Often it is a very very scary experience. Children, like adults prefer to know what is next. Our ethos is to help you to include your child, communicate with your child and to allow your child to think independently. Our next book is just about that . We »more