Starting School

It’s nearly time to wave your little baby off to big school. You cannot believe it, they just grew up over night. It is true what they say, isn’t it? Blink and they are nearly taller than you, well in my case 😉
You may have been dreading it or perhaps you were counting down the days. This transition and the new found independence of the child can be tough on parents. The huge shift in daily life can be difficult for the child. So as usual we say TALK about it!

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Include TiNY: Get ready together, allow your child to get involved in every aspect of getting ready from the lunch box to the colour socks that they will wear. Allow them to own this special time in their lives. They may be apprehensive, but those nervous bubbles can become excitement with the right encouragement.

Communicate with TiNY: Get talking about the upcoming change early on in the summer, if not beforehand. Many of you would have already visited the school before the summer holidays. Talk about starting school and read to them about starting school. Encourage them to open up about any little worries that they may have. They might even be worried about how you will feel when they’re not there. You will never know what goes on in that gorgeous little head unless you get talking!

IndieThinkers: School is the start of a mind expanding journey, so let them start this journey their way. You may want them to like certain things or to have a particular set of friends. Allow your child to get to know herself/himself in this new world. Guide them, but try not to over influence their choices.

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