The Benefits of Writing for TiNY books

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Our books have a lot going on! Not only are they personalised in order to allow the child to engage with the story, they have many positive undercurrents which you, as parents will appreciate.

1. Firstly they encourage the inclusion of children. Gone are the days when we would make decisions without the child’s input. Whether you are moving, divorcing or having another baby, your decision directly affects the life of your child. Let’s include our children so that they don’t need to fear change.

2. Communication! In this modern era of communication, are we really communicating effectively with our children? Sometimes, yes. However there are times when you just do not know how your child is feeling. Equally, they don’t know how you’re feeling. Get talking. That elephant in the room can pack his trunk! Look out for TiNY talking points in every book.

3. IndieThinking! Writing for TiNY books allow children to think for themselves. There may be subtle clues throughout the books, but really the story is theirs. Allow their lovely magical minds to think. They may be dependent on you now, but their thoughts can be their own.

There will be lots more about this side on Writing for TiNY coming up on the blog, so keep popping in!