Emigrating with a child


Emigration has affected most Irish families in one way or another. Team Tiny member Gail’s sister made the move to New Zealand two years ago. We have all said good-bye for now to lots of friends and family that have moved to Australia, London and America. We, as adults may view it as exciting, but also as sad. It is upsetting to leave family, friends, and even pets behind. We understand it is for the best however, and we take the big leap of faith hopeful for a better life. Now, imagine those feelings of trepidation in a child, who may have no say in their future. Emigration is the next Writing for Tiny Topic. Open communication between the parent and the child can ease these fears and can turn this confusing time into a once in a lifetime adventure!

Here are three of LADY TINY’S TIPS. Remember that we will be releasing the Emigration Topic E- Book very soon which will contain many more tips and you will be able to personalise it to include your child’s name , gender, hair colour , skin tone and outfit here!

1. Before the move get your child excited about the new country, allow them to save up the country’s currency, look the country up on a map, explore the area on the internet. If the country has a foreign language help them to learn a few phrases in preparation.

2. Be positive! Your child will view the move how you present it to him or her. Let them know that this is a happy time and you are all going together to enjoy a better life (even if you don’t fully believe it yourself).

3. Allow the child to participate in the decision making. Whether it be about the area you live in , the house you choose or the design of their new bedroom. Allow them to help you to decide. It will not only help them to reach acceptance but it will also keep you talking about the move.

Have fun, it is after all an opportunity to explore the amazing world with your little people!