We’re back! Exciting Tiny Times…….


Hello everyone!

It has been some time since our last post….we have been very busy. We welcomed a new baby, Rosalie¬†in November. A truly life changing experience and we are lucky to have a happy and healthy little 2 and a half month old.

Meanwhile Writing for Tiny has made huge progress, we have a whole new site and the software we designed in order to personalise the Ebooks is ready at last ! It was a labour of love that required the drawing of ¬†thousands of characters and the design of a bespoke software system. After many months of re sizing, reformatting, and redrawing we have developed a system that works. Our vision has finally become a reality, and it is so exciting! It allows parents to design the character of their Ebook based on their child’s name, gender, skin tone, hair style and outfit. The Ebook will then be sent to their smart device or laptop. This is phase one of many and we hope to launch this phase in early February with four topics namely New Baby, Going to Hospital, Bad Dreams and Moving House

In other news we we will be taking part in a crowd funding initiative with Trinity and all of the Launchbox 2013 teams later this year. We are looking forward to this and we appreciate all of the support that we have received and that we hope to receive in the future.

That’s all for now,

Team Tiny :)