BOO! Bad dreams be gone!


Hello everyone!

The Bad Dreams Writing for Tiny Topic is finished! So how can you help your child to conquer those monsters and bugs? How can you help them to overcome their dream in which they’re falling or running from a teddy bear turned bad?! Here are my Tiny Tips:

My first tip is to turn off the television. Children pick up on things that we as adults would not find scary. Turn it off early in the evening and read them a story instead.

Make a bedtime routine, I suggest a little snack, a chat and maybe a bath, to help them to wind down after a busy day at the office 😉

Don’t ignore your child’s  dreams, they are as serious matter for your child. Try not to get annoyed or angry when they wake you up at night.

Night lights, and open bedroom doors will also help . In the morning talk to your child, discuss the dream and reassure him.

Explain to them that everybody has bad dreams. Think creatively, allow them to think up happy endings to their dreams. Let their imagination run wild. Let them know that they can  change their bad dream into a good dream. Allow your child to get actively involved in coming up with a solution. This will give them a sense of control over the dream.

I hope these tips help!

Sleep well ,

Lady Tiny