“Sometimes it can be difficult to find the words, that is where Writing for Tiny can help.”

Writing for Tiny is all about communication, children and most of all the family. Maureen O’Hara once said “I was born into one of the most remarkable and eccentric families I could possible have hoped for. ” You may get frustrated, embarrassed and sometimes angry with your family, but you love them and they love you and they are your little people!

Communication is the key to a good relationship in any family, and that is why I started Writing for Tiny. I am a children’s nurse and a general nurse and I have always practiced family centered care and I continue to do this in Writing for Tiny. I am now studying Speech and Language Therapy and delving more deeply into the world of communication.

So next time you feel annnoyed , fed up, or exhausted, think about Maureen O’Hara and just remember to keep communicating.

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