Moving House

Moving Truck illustration

Hello Everyone,

I have been working hard on the Moving House book for you all, it is nearly finished and will be with you shortly. Moving House can be a difficult time for your Tiny ones. However, if you keep them involved and make all the wonderful new changes exciting for them they should settle in just fine! While you are waiting for the finished product here are some of my Lady Tiny Tips on moving house:


Talk to them: Tell your little ones facts about your new house from the start. Visit the house so they can picture it when planning the big move.

Make it special: Get special boxes for their toys and have fun packing them together, make it an activity.

Stick to routine: Once you have moved into your new home try to keep your existing routine as much as possible. There will have been a huge amount of change for your child and getting back to their routine will help them feel more at home.


I’ll have more Tiny Tips next time,

Lady Tiny