Going to hospital



Hello everyone,

I have been asked to write a book about a young child who is due to have an operation. It is nearly finished and will be with you all shortly. This book will help the child to understand what will happen when they go to hospital for a planned operation. 

It can be a scary time for both the child and the parent, and the best thing to be is informed. Nothing is too scary if we know what to expect, that is where we come in. For now, let me give you some of my Lady Tiny Tips 

Be honest: try to tell your child why they are going to hospital in a clear manner.

Questions: answer your child’s questions about their upcoming visit to hospital, and ask them how they feel.

Prepare: play hospital with your child and read books about hospital visits. Pack a bag with favourite  books, toys, gadgets and PJs, and a treat or two for after the operation.

Support: Let your employers and family know that you may need some help during your child’s time in hospital.


I’ll have more tips next time.


Lady Tiny