Preparing for the big change- after baby is born


So, the baby is here! The new big sister/brother seemed OK at first, however you are now seeing signs of sadness, jealousy and unrest. Here are our tips on how to manage this delicate time.

1. Include: involve them in the baby’s care. Try not to ask them to fetch a nappy, who wants to do that?! Instead involve them in the fun bits, like choosing outfits and toys, and filling the baby bath.

2. Remind: remind them that they are irreplaceable and that you love them everyday. This is a tough time for them. It doesn’t take much to remind them how much you love them, they need to hear it.

3. Spoil: the word ‘spoil’ has so many negative connotations, however we strongly feel that there is no harm in giving your toddler/child little presents and treats and days out at this time.

4. Alone Time: cuddle up, read, call them your baby. They miss you and having you to themselves. They will want to be your baby again. That’s OK. This change is a big one, and one that takes time for everyone to adjust to, including you! Try not to rush it.

P.s. Do not feel guilty, you are doing your best.

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