Monthly Archives: July, 2013

  • Bad Dreams

    Hello Everyone, The next Writing for Tiny Topic is Bad Dreams. I will be posting my Lady Tiny Tips on this scary matter soon. Monsters, falling, bugs and good guys turning bad are common bad dream themes in young children. Our first bad dream book will cover monsters. We can beat them, even if they »more

  • Moving House

    Hello Everyone, I have been working hard on the Moving House book for you all, it is nearly finished and will be with you shortly. Moving House can be a difficult time for your Tiny ones. However, if you keep them involved and make all the wonderful new changes exciting for them they should settle »more

  • Going to hospital

      Hello everyone, I have been asked to write a book about a young child who is due to have an operation. It is nearly finished and will be with you all shortly. This book will help the child to understand what will happen when they go to hospital for a planned operation.  It can »more