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  • Testing, testing

    The New Baby prototype is finished, and boy are we happy! Now I must see what the tiny people think. The next Writing for Tiny Topic is Going to Hospital, ready, set , let’s go!   Have a lovely weekend everyone , Lady Tiny

  • Driving Lady Tiny!

    Hello! Today I travelled to a place that I am very fond of, Cork City! The Cork Grand Prix’s 75th anniversary was on today. Here I am with Mike as we zoom along the Lee Road! I had a marvelous day. Now I’m back in Copperplate Cottage and sitting by the fire. Delightful. Now where »more

  • Delightful Day!

    We are all rather cheerful here today, and tomorrow promises to be even more fun! We are expecting some small visitors. These little people are our toughest critics, so I hope they like the new New Baby book! I’m off for a nap now! Lady Tiny

  • New Baby

    Hello everyone! What a lovely day! We are baby mad here at Tiny Towers today. The arrival of a new baby is such an exciting time, isn’t it? Well some of the Tiny people that I have met over the years think that it is a little bit scary.  There are lots of questions and »more

  • G8 Summit

    Hello Mrs. President

    Ooh! I am tickled pink, Lady Obama was in Trinity today with her lovely daughters Malia and Sasha. They are busy people, so I just had a quick cup of tea with them and some custard creams.    Love, Lady Tiny

  • Busy Bees

    Hello all! Well, you would be very impressed with the hard workers in Tiny Towers today. Gail has been creating excellent new illustrations. Watch this space for some new Tiny friends! Nicki has been working hard with her head buried in the books. We’re well on our way in this adventure, it’s been a very »more

  • 20130613-183038.jpg

    Colouring inside the lines

    Hello people! We’ve had a busy day in Tiny Towers! Gail is making wonderful progress on our illustrations and Nicki is working hard on making some pals in the children’s book world! Now I’m off to Copperplate Plate Cottage for a snooze. See you tomorrow Lady Tiny xx

  • 2013 . Picture Conor McCabe Photography.

    Picture This!

    Here in Tiny Towers we’ve had a fruitful day! Our story boards are coming along quickly and we’ve made some lovely changes to our Tiny Topic prototype. We’ve been adding to our illustrations with some dynamic graphic design, and believe that our characters are looking better than ever. My helpful advice may be with you »more

  • 20130607-103513.jpg

    Week Two of Launchbox

    Today in Tiny Towers we’ve had another exciting day! We’ve been furthering our progress with all our lovely characters and feel that the time and energy is definitely paying off. We would love to know more about what you’d like to see from your Tiny people’s books! So please contact us at with any »more

  • Web

    Lady Tiny’s new look

    Today in Tiny Towers we had a fantastically productive day! We were lucky enough to obtain some valuable advice in regards to our brand and business model and we’ve been working hard to put this new information into practice to make Writing For Tiny even more helpful. We’ve been discussing our up and coming Tiny »more